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Big T NYC Tea To-Go Tumbler

Meet our newest travel companion, the Big T NYC® Tea To-Go Glass Tumbler. 

Designed by Australian-based company, DROPbottle®, this tumbler is gorgeous, yet simple enough to take with you wherever your day takes you. It features a removable metal infuser, so you can enjoy premium loose leaf tea on the go. 

Carry this tumbler with you daily as a gorgeous reminder to stay hydrated. Every bottle is a little over 2 cups (17oz). Drink 4 of these a day and you're golden!  



Scoop 3 tsp loose tea leaves into the glass bottle, insert the metal strainer and pour hot water into the bottle. Let steep several minutes, then enjoy! The metal strainer keeps the tea leaves in the bottle so you can sip as soon as it has steeped. 


Height: 28cm

Diameter: 7cm

Capacity: 500mL (17oz)

Materials: Borosilicate glass & BPA-free plastic



Hand wash only. 

Do not place boiling water directly into the bottle. Add cold water first, followed by boiling water.

Avoid using fizzy liquids such as mineral water and soft drinks as the pressure can build and break the bottle.  

Handle the Drop Bottle with care, glass bottles will break if they are handled roughly or inappropriately. For example, do not carry it in your handbag or gym bag. Instead, when transporting the Drop Bottle, it is best to hold it or use the handle on the lid.

Remember your Drop Bottle is delicate so, keep the bottle on your desk at work, sit it on your bedside table or coffee tables at home, place it on display and you will be the envy of all your friends!



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