Big T NYC COUTURE + NUDE Tea Collections



cou·ture tea  /koo-tyur tee/  -noun


Artfully crafted, premium tea blends designed to deliver a multi-sensorial, wellness-promoting experience. 

Inspired by the fashion world and the craftsmanship put into each design, our couture teas are handcrafted with the best teas and tisanes from organic gardens around the world, then blended with unique, health-promoting ingredients to create a work of art in your cup. Couture teas are visually beautiful, fragrant, delicate, delicious, and feature holistic wellness and beauty benefits.

After experiencing the rather limited healthy options backstage at New York Fashion Week, we launched our line of couture teas backstage at NYFW in 2013, and Big T NYC was born. We have partnered with designers every season since then to keep models hydrated, focused and zen before walking the runway. Our signature couture teas have zero calories and provide sustainable energy, focus and a healthy dose of antioxidants. They are each designed in-house and can only be found at and select premium retailers. Shop the collection here.


Big T NYC couture collection organic green, black and white teas, photo taken by Latham Thomas founder of Mama Glow


nude tea  /nuːd tee/  -noun


Single ingredient, whole leaf teas and tisanes (aka any infusion not from the tea plant) designed to make you look and feel as beautiful in your own skin as you do in your favorite label.

Inspired by the natural goodness and inherent wellness and beauty-boosting properties of the world’s best teas, we created our Nude Collection. To create the collection, founder Theresa Krier teamed up with Dr. Sesha Patel, an internal medicine physician at Mt. Sinai Hospital whose integrated approach to wellness encompasses the body, mind and spirit. Together, the two hand-selected pure, unblended teas and tisanes that provide unique health benefits, and work individually as well as synergistically.

Each high-quality, single ingredient tea or tisane is 100% certified organic and offers potent functional benefits like boosting metabolism or providing an extra dose of energy. Filled with nourishing antioxidants and containing zero calories, each one is a uniquely delicious and healthy beverage. Shop the collection here.   

big t nyc nude collection teas, featuring all night long energizing black tea