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Cold Brew Iced Tea

Cold brew tea is quickly gaining the attention of tea lovers both new and old. Why? This unique brewing method is easy to prepare, has a smoother, more mellow flavor than traditional iced tea, lower caffeine, and potentially HIGHER levels of antioxidants according to studies. How do you make it? Simply add freshly filtered cold water to tea, and refrigerate 12-18 hours. For stronger tea, steep longer; for lighter tea, reduce steep time. The long steeping time pulls out fewer tannins (meaning no bitterness or astringency) and the cold water doesn't destroy the delicate antioxidants - resulting in a delicious, naturally wellness-enhancing beverage. 

We are so excited about cold brew tea and want you to be too!! Our cold brew tea sachets make it easy to brew up a batch of refreshing cold brew iced tea for home or parties. Each pouch contains 12 large loose leaf tea sachets and makes 48 servings. Available in All Day Long black tea, Unexpected Fling green tea, and Tell-Tale Glow white tea. Keep a pitcher of our Organic Cold Brew Tea in the fridge to stay hydrated and glowy (thanks antioxidants!!) - all summer long. 

Want more? Watch this 40 second tutorial on how to make perfect cold brew tea every time.