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To all the ladies (and men, but it's not your day, so...) on International Women’s Day, remember: YOU ARE SO WORTHY. Worthy of love, of kindness, of opportunities... of everything. If you didn't know this, you can be, or do, anything you want.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

To celebrate this very special day, we've handpicked some of our favorite female-owned businesses to share with you - and hooked you up with exclusive discounts! 

The Superette. Tracy Dungo is a Brooklyn-based creative, tropical lifestyle enthusiast, and podcast junkie. She launched The Superette to share her fine art travel photography with the world. Shop prints, ready-to-hang art, and lifestyle products at tracydungo.com. Use code BIGTNYC for 30% off the rest of this month!

TIP: If you use this link, the discount code will be automatically applied at checkout.



Ladybug Party Fun. Founded by Las Vegas-based mompreneur, Kerrie DiMangano, Ladybug Party Fun is our favorite source for unique, handmade party decor. Kerrie knows how special parties are for kids and strives to help her customers create the perfect atmosphere for every special occasion. Shop her Etsy store here and use code BIGTNYC to save 10%.

lady bug party fun

(Ladybug Party Fun)


Finding Ferdinand. Led by New York-based lady boss, Nhu Le, Finding Ferdinand is pioneering personalized cosmetics. They believe that beauty is unique to each and every person, and provide high-quality, customizable products that allow customers to define their own aesthetic. Use code TRYFF at findingferdinand.com for 10% off.



Nomaterra. Aggie is the founder of AB Creative, a destination for beauty founders and professionals to learn how to gain media exposure and become a thought leader in their beauty niche. She’s also the founder of Nomaterra, a niche fragrance house creating scents using indigenous ingredients unique to travel locations. Use code: FriendsandFamily2018 at Nomaterra.com to get 15% off a luxury scent.



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