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Summer's Coolest Drink

Summer's Coolest Drink

It's that time of year again - the last Sunday of May where we start to break out the sunglasses and swimsuits and soak up some sun. What is Memorial Day weekend without the traditional bbq parties, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres? And... sometimes a little guilt from all the overindulgences.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there - feeling guilty for eating three cheeseburgers, a few hot dogs and some pastries. We know the phrase ‘Suns out, buns out’ really applies to hamburger and hot dog buns, and all those summer festivities can derail us from having a balanced lifestyle.

So, how do we keep ourselves in check? Since a majority of the time we confuse hunger with thirst, choose to quench that thirst with this summer’s biggest hit: Cold brew tea.

You’re probably thinking, cold-brewed tea? Like iced tea? 

No, even better!

Cold brew tea, to put simply, is your favorite tea, but brewed only in cold water.

The benefits?

It’s easy, foolproof, has lower levels of caffeine, a smoother flavor, and it’s delicious.

Cold sodas and iced teas have become the preferred drink of choice as the hot weather outside reaches scorchingly high temperatures. However, most sodas and iced teas are packed full of sweeteners and additives (nearly 60g of sugar) that give you a sugar-high followed by a huge crash, which leaves you dizzy and disoriented. We prefer to opt for healthier, more antioxidant-rich alternatives that are full of high-quality flavor and taste.

Most people tend to think of tea as hot and something reserved for the freezing, winter months, but with cold brew tea, we can leave that notion in the past and step into the summer with this innovative and new delicious, and healthy drink.

Why Cold Brew Tea Rocks:

Cold brew teas have lower levels of caffeine, less bitterness and a more delicate aroma. If you have trouble making that perfect cup of hot tea without it turning bitter or tasting like a wet sock, cold brew tea will be the perfect solution.

The process of making cold brew tea is simple. You add dry tea leaves to cold water, place it into the refrigerator and let it steep anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

Moreover, many people tend to prefer the taste of cold brew tea. Cold brew teas are chemically different than their hot brewed counterparts since the tea leaves are combined with cold water overnight (typically). As a result, according to World Tea News, the brew has a smooth lusciousness with no risk of that tannic, puckery effect you sometimes get from brewing green and oolong teas for too long.

Additionally, cold brew tea has less acid and caffeine. Antioxidant-rich teas, such as Big T NYC’s Unexpected Fling green tea, have naturally less caffeine than a cup of coffee, and will instead provide you with a gentle caffeine lift. By cold brewing the leaves, the cold water produces different reactions. According to Harold McGee, food and science writer, “cold water, in contrast, extracts more slowly and selectively, produces a simpler extract, and doesn’t change the original flavor substances as much”.

Also, while cold brewed tea will typically take anywhere from 12-24 hours for the batch to be brewed, you will be left with a huge amount of tea (think a pitcher’s worth) for the next few days. Cold brew tea tends to be easier to make for most people and more time efficient, as you won’t have to heat the water or monitor the temperature. And, by cold brewing overnight while you’re asleep, you’ll be knocking two birds with one stone - when you wake up on a hot summer morning, you can enjoy the energizing and invigorating All Night Long couture tea, cold and fresh!

So rejoice, tea lovers! This summer, cold brew tea will become your new favorite indulgence. But, if you’re still a little nervous, check out these cold brew tea kits to get you started. Drink up!

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