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Customize-Your-Own Tea Gift Set

Elevate the wow factor with this all-in-one gift set. Features one large jar of premium, organic loose leaf tea + our biodegradable, drawstring filters + a go-anywhere messenger bag to carry it all in. 

Perfect for:

    • The Hostess. Ditch the wine in favor of a health-boosting tea gift that she'll enjoy long past the party (plus we all secretly know that we bring wine to a party so we can drink it that night). Give her a gift that's truly for her with her favorite tea in this gift set.
    • The Significant Other. This one's for you, fellas. Show your S.O. that you know her tastes so well that you bought her favorite tea in the large size. 
    • The Boss: She knew your strengths and helped you grow them. She challenged you because she knew it would make you better (and it did!). Thank her (or him) for the mentorship with her favorite tea in this modern gift set. 

Pick your poison. KIDDING! Pick your wellness-boosting tea to complete the gift set and make it your own. 

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