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Aromatherapy Self Care Bundle

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Take some time for yourself and indulge your senses with this customizable aromatherapy self care bundle!

Did you know that by just inhaling the steam of your hot tea before sipping that you're getting aromatherapy benefits? We love this easy, natural way to add more wellness into our busy day. 

This bundle includes a large upcycled soy candle that burns clean and smells ahh-mazing, and a large jar of organic loose leaf tea. Select your favorites to customize your bundle.

Large Candle: Choose your candle scent (write you selection in the order notes):

  • Amber Santalwarm and woodsy with hints of bergamot, rose and violet, and undertones of sandalwood, vanilla bean and golden amber. Recommended pairing: the deliciously aromatic Baby It's Cold Outside black tea blend
  • Fresh Grassherbaceous with hints of powdery florals, vanilla, grass, musk, and cedar. It is warm and rich, yet refreshing. Recommended pairing: our soothing and refreshing Unwind spearmint tisane

Large Loose Leaf Tea: Choose your tea (write your selection in the order notes):


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Don't forget to grab some Big T NYC Tea Filters! Just scoop the loose tea into the drawstring tea filters, cinch the bag and boom - you've made your own tea bags! Perfect when you want just 1 or 2 cups of tea at a time.



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