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Organic Fruit Tea
Caffeine-Free Hydrating Tea

HYDRATING Organic Fruit Tea

Gold Winner at the Taste TV Herbal Tea & Infusions Awards
Strawberry Is My Jam fruit tea has it all... all of the yummy flavors and bright vibrant colors kids crave, and all of the healthiness (all-natural, organic, caffeine-free, sugar-free, vitamin-rich) that parents want.


Inspired by our favorite childhood fruit snacks, we felt compelled to create this sweet, hydrating, strawberry tea. Just say no to artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, because this baby is au naturale. Our kid taste-testers couldn't get enough of it, and their parents loved it because it’s certified organic, caffeine-free, sugar- free, and vitamin-rich (we’re pretty sure they snuck a few cups too). Drink Strawberry Is My Jam and never compromise flavor for health!

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Instructions:  Scoop 3 grams (1.25 teaspoons) into a filter. Pour fresh, filtered boiling water at 212° F over tea. Let steep for 5-7 min. Remove tea leaves & enjoy!

Ingredients: organic cranberries, organic rosehips, organic hibiscus, organic apples, organic stevia leaf, organic strawberries, organic raspberries, organic natural flavors

Naturally caffeine-free.


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